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The Purpose of FORTIS house

FORTIS House was developed in response to community requests for help to build better. Every year, the Resilient Building Council (RBC) is contacted by thousands of people asking for help to make their homes more resilient to bushfire and other disasters. The number of people asking for help is rapidly increasing as disasters become more frequent, intense and widespread.

RBC created FORTIS House in response to the 2019-20 Black Summer bushfires and subsequent floods to help recovering communities re-build. The project has delivered house designs and a set of building principles for extreme weather and disaster resilience, sustainability, self-sufficiency and quality.

FORTIS House sets a new benchmark for better building to protect people, homes, communities and the environment – no matter where you live.

Kate Cotter, RBC CEO

“FORTIS is a wonderful gift from a community that went through bushfires and floods and suffered, and their response has been total generosity. They’ve helped design something for themselves, for their community and for the country.”



Kate Cotter | Resilient Building Council

Disaster resilient architecture | JDA Co architects

Dr James Davidson, Libby Ba-Pe, Clive Ba-Pe, Martin Arroyo

Cyclone & storm research & engineering

Dr David Henderson | James Cook University Cyclone Testing Station

Structural Engineering

Ken Watson | NASH (National Association for Steel Framed Housing)

Building Compliance

Colin Wood | Shoalhaven City Council

Prefabrication research & engineering

Professor Tuan Ngo | University of Melbourne

Prefabrication industry engagement

Damien Crough | PrefabAUS

Flood resilience

Andrew Dyer | Principal Flood Analyst, Hydrologist, IAG Natural Perils

Civil & structural engineering

Dr Ian Bennetts | Resilient Building Council

Bushfire Resilience Architect

Dr Ian Weir | Resilient Building Council & QUT

Fire safety engineering & building regulation

Stephen Kip | Resilient Building Council

Climate & disaster risk management

Kylie Steel | Resilient Building Council

Building consultant

Mark Steel | Registered builder & plumber, Resilient Building Council

Emergency management consultant

Craig Lapsley | Resilient Building Council

Community engagement

Loretta Durango | Resilient Building Council

Community workshops facilitation

Chad Foulkes | Liminal by Design

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Technical Handbook

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